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This summer I traveled around various parts of India, and focused on the work done by Indian women. Their daily repetitive chores consist mainly of washing clothes, washing dishes, cooking, child care, carrying heavy things on their heads, gardening and sewing and other handicrafts. No one takes much notice of them so they were very pleased that I took an interest in their work, as it is often physically very demanding especially as it is often very hot.
india 2013 118Village Farmer Woman Uttar PradeshVillage Woman Doing Washing Uttar PradeshVillage Woman Washing Grain Uttar PradeshVillage Mothers with Sons Uttar PradeshVillage Woman with Child Uttar PradeshVillage House Uttar PradeshVillage Woman from Thar DesertVillagers on Edge of Thar Desert near Bikaner Rajestan  (5)Woman Doing the Washing MahapradeshWoman Doing Washing at RiverWoman Doing Washing KanatakaWoman Doing Washing MahapradeshWoman Ironing VaranasiGirl Selling Sweet Corn MahareshwarWoman Selling Fruit MahpradeshMoslem Woman Sewing Clothes Jaipur RajasthanMoslem Women Sewing Clothes with BabyMoslem Woman Sewing Clothes Jaipur RajasthanMoslem Women Making Jewellery Jaipur Rajasthan