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After visiting India I found it impossible not to react to the dire gender inequality, social discrimination, lack of education and violence against women and girl children. Female foeticide is still prevalent in Indian society due to deeply entrenched cultural attitudes that have prevailed for hundreds of years up until today despite the advances in science and technology. It is common not only in rural areas but even more so in urban areas.
Culture Shock 70cmx90cm  Oil/CanvasDead Pregnant Women 125cmx70cm oil/canvasDSC_0062_2World Without Women 125cmx110cm OilCanvas 2013Nevermore OilCanvas 40cmx50cm 2013Missing 40x30cm 0il/canvas 2013Widows 40x30cm 0il/Canvas  2013DSC_0073_2Male Domination 25cmx25cm Collage 2013Road Worker Woman 25cmx25cm Collage/Acrylic on Canvas 2013Slum Girl Child Charcoal/Canvas 2013 30cmx30cm2) Slum Girl Child CharcoalCanvas 2013 30cmx30cmOrphan Girl Child Oil/Canvas 2013 30cmx30cm2) Orphan Girl Child Oil/Canvas 2013 30cmx30cm3) Orphan Girl Child Oil/Canvas 2013 30cmx30cmHere and Not-Here Women 25x25cm Collage 20132 Here and Not-Here Women 25x25cm Collage 20133 Here and Not-Here Women 25x25cm Collage 2013Illiterate Sisters 40x30cm 0il/canvas 20132) Illiterate Sisters 40x30cm 0il/canvas 2013