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An Overview of Recent Paintings.
11. Thoughtful 2005 100x170cm.JPGd  Persuation 170cm x 100cm 2005 oil on canvasWorry 145cm x 160cm 2007 oil canvas.JPG2007  Simone Weil Quote 2(90cmx120cm).jpg4.Restitution Story oil on canvas 110cm x 170cm 2009.JPGWhoso sheddeth man's Blood 170cmx100cm 2008.JPGTourists shall Inherit the Earth 100cmx170cm 2008.JPGJoy of Abundance 2(120x90cm) 2010 acrylic on canvasWatching the Dead Sea Die 100cm x170cm 2007 oil canvas.JPGThou shallt not kill us. 100cmx170cm 2008.JPGpalast d republik 2006 30x40cm (1).JPGpalast d republik  2006  60x80cm.jpgEnglish Roses 2006 125cm oil on canvas.jpgAbout Colour in Second Life 110cmx85cm 2009 (1).jpgSecond Life (About Colour) oil on canvas 2008 110cmx85cm.jpgAbout Colour in Second Life 110cmx85cm 2009 (2).jpgSubconcious Thought 2009 30cmx30cm Collage and Acrylic on Canvas.jpgeye and fish 90cmx125cm.jpgeye and fish 90cmx125cm 2.jpgeye and fish 125cmx90cm.jpg