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This is a selection of Paintings made from 1981-1987. They are all between 160cm x180cm. I don't like working on a ladder so all sizes fit to my body height:160cm. The works full under the category of "Neue Wilde" as they are very expressive and gestural portraying life from a female perspective.
Royal College of Art 1981oil/Canvas 1981oil/Canvas 1981oil/Canvas 1983oil/Canvas 1984oil/Canvas 1984oil/Canvas 1985oil/Canvas 1985oil/Canvas 1985oil/Canvas 1985oil/Canvas 1985C726908-R1-21-22oil/Canvas 1982oil/Canvas 1986oil/Canvas 1986oil/Canvas 1986oil/Canvas 1982DSC_0036oil/Canvas 1987oil/Canvas 1984