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I have been creating self-portaits for many years. Recently people have been doing "selfies" so it occurred to me to think about the difference between a considered self-portrait, and how they reveal the many roles and changes my life has been through and the brief unreflected selfie.
Work on Paper 1979 BirminghamWork on Paper  Self Portrait Reading 1982Studying the Kabbalah 1983180cmx190cm Self Portrait In 1983 ContemplationDomestic Overload 180cmx170cm 1989Dilemma - Painting or Family 150x165cm Oil/Canvas 1983Being Pregnant 1984 Oil/CanvasMothering Oil/Collage on Canvas 1986 160x170cmSelf-Portrait on the Phone 2(30cmx30cm) 1996My Sister and Me 1997  30cmx30cmGirl Without Arms 175cm x 80cm 2002Little Matchgirl 175cm 80cm 2002Little Matchgirl 175cm x 80cm 2002c Matchgirl2 175cm x 80cm 2002Land des Jein 90cmx80cm 2003Land der Ausländer 60cmx50cm 2003land des kopftuches 60cmx50cm 2003Self Portrait as a Moslim Woman 2006Tourist Family 2003 100cmx170cmMy French Ancestor 2004 30cmx30cm