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In these works I have tried to capture the idea of multiple levels of reality in time and space that exist simultaneously since the widespread use of tablets, smart phones etc.
She Carries the World on Her Head 2014 70cmx80cm Oil:Acrylic:CanvasA Monkeys View on Globalisation 70cmx80cm Oil:Acrylic on Canvas 2014Petitioning for a Better World 190cmx90cm Acrylic:CanvasGlobalisation on Her Shoulders 45cmx40cm 2014Vegan Dreaming Acrylic Oil  on Canvas 60cmx40cm 2013-17Vegan Dreaming 55cmx70cm AcrylicCanvas 2014Durga (India on the Rise) 2011 Oil and Collage on Canvas 110cmx130cmSkyping 45cmx45cm Acrylic/Canvas 2014Skyping with my Younger Self 45cmx45cm Acrylic/Canvas 2014