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It has been difficult to not be obsessed with the Corona Crisis, with images of crowded hospitals, deaths, lockdowns, elderly in care facilities etc. I have drawn and painted images of the family I am still allowed to interact with during lockdown.
Sehnsucht in Lockdown 2020Single Mother in Lockdown  2020Lockdown Family Closeness 2020Missing Friends in Lockdown 2020Empty Streets in First Lockdown 2020The Many Deaths of the Elderly. 2020Socially Distanced in First Lockdown 2020 2Single Mother in Lockdown 2021  (Hardboard 21cmx15cm)My Lockdown Selfie 2020 (Hardboard 21cmx15cm)More time In nature during lockdown 2021 (Hardboard 21cmx15cm)Travel in Covid Times 2020 (Hardboard 21cmx15cm)Elderly Locked-in During Corona Crisis 2021 (Hardboard 21cmx15cm)Lockdown Memories of Pre-Lockdown 2020 (Hardboard 21cmx15cm)Thinking of a Post-Corona Future 2021 (Hardboard 21cmx15cm)