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The school is named after Annie Besant, an English woman who founded the Benares Hindu University and was the first woman president of the Indian Congress in 1917. The village is one of 7 in the Gop Pur district which has 10.000 inhabitants. The school is for poor farm laborer families who can often not afford school fees especially if they have many children.
Annie Besant Village school Entrancevillage school 3first day village schoolvillage school with me and the teachers 4Village School with Teacher 3Village School with TeacherVillage School TeacherVillage School with Teacher 2Village Children with uniformsVillage Classroom with Sandra CrawfordVillage School with Sandra CrawfordVillage Clinic DoctorVillage Doctor with PatientExamination Room Village SchoolVillage ClinicMedicine Room 2Medicine Room in Village ClinicVinod Vishwakarma president of JOSSVillage Grandmother with two of her granddaughtersnine year old village cousins with their handmade dolls