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Images of an exhibition at the Jewish Gaon State Museum in Vilnius, Lithuania. I have taken the first line of the Austrian National Anthem, "Land der Berge" etc..and questioned the 19th century concept of Nationalism. I have tried to capture the feelings and issues related to the problematic relationship Austrians have with their national image of being a country with beautiful landscape and sublime culture being undermined by immigrants from very different cultures which many Austrians find threatening.
Invitation to Exhibition in Gaon State Museum VilniusVolkertplatz Simone Weile quote 2(90cmx125)Volkertplatz Blaise Pascal quote 2(90cmx100cm)Volkertplatz Blaise Pascal quote 2(90cmx100cm)90cmx80cm Land der Ausländer90cmx80cm Land der Asylanten90cmx80cm Land der Kopftücher100cmx125cm Land der Bergsteiger90cmx80cm Land der Berge90cmx80cm Land der Dome90cmx100cm Land der Raben90cmx120cm Land der RaucherJein 80cmx90cm Land der UnentschlossenheitPhoto Vienna Tales AuggartenVolkertplatz at nightVolkertplatz thunderstormVolkertplatz thunderstorm II30cmx30cm Schwechat airport 1973Annemarie 30cmx30cmHinterhof 30cmx30cm